My Non Fungible Journey in NFT Land (Part III)

In the previous articles of this series, I described my crazy ride in NFT land, first baby steps, creating an experimental collection, plus some lucky learnings and winnings. It’s now time to conclude this series with my conclusions and resolution for 2022: forget about NFTs for one full year.

But first, let’s start with this brilliant South Park video:

It was like nothing I ever saw
Just complete murder and carnage
Everything seemed calm at first
But then this guy in a suit shows up talking about investment opportunities
Next thing you know these people started chanting HODL, HODL!
And their NFTs started mooning
And these guys started saying these others right clicked em
And called for a pump and dump
Which made these guys beat the hell out of anyone who said it was just FOMO
And died screaming that it was the flippening!

Such a beautiful way to describe the frenzy in the chats, the prices that can multiply by ten in the same day and divide by 20 the next one; the hundreds of projects that try to replicate the successful one; and the crazy numbers of “investors” who all became art traders overnight in fear of missing out!

Luckily I came out of it OK, I got this little miniature donkey with a lit-up sombrero

This last sentence can sound funny to an outsider but it resonates completely with the degen that I became! I was lucky too, I made some money and ended up with a bunch of stuff like a cute teddy bear who has rainbow shades and a heart tee-shirt

- Did you see where the guy with the suit went afterwards?
- Nah, he just waltzed right away like nothin’ happened…

Great question! In the amazing world of crypto, rug pulls are simply followed by some tweet wars, then quickly forgotten. Wouldn’t be surprised if some people in suits managed to pull off million dollar scams several times this past year.

- Chief, you better come take a look at this: we got a small turtle with wings, could be a great investment opportunity.
- Excuse me, gentlemen.

These South Park artists nailed it again, it really became hard for me to turn down invites from all the “alpha” channels that I am in. And honestly, if I see a turtle with wings project recommended by a friend, I would seriously consider throwing money at it.

This made me realize it’s time to completely quit all the discord servers and NFT spendings for 2022, and I will share a bit more about the reasons.

3.1 Why I won’t spend Ether in NFTs?

First, this market is oversaturated; and second, I am not an art expert. Therefore, it makes no sense to be an art trader.

Don’t get me wrong, I still believe this movement will yield fantastic art; and that somewhere in the world, the next genius is creating some kind of NFT. I just don’t have the skills and passion to find him. And I think those easy plays of copying influencers won’t be possible anymore in 2022. It will be much harder to make it, as hard as finding the next Picasso before everyone else.

With that, I think that only a few collections will truly become historic coins and will keep attracting real money, while the rest should eventually fade out.

3.2 Why I will HODL my current NFTs?

Besides hoping for one of these to make it into art history and mooning, I have personal reasons to like these collections, and will share some quick thoughts on why I will keep them.

3.2.1 Chain Runners

Chain Runner #5570 and his son, the first born of the next generation

This one is already in the top 100 collections by all-time volume, and it’s the best community that I’ve seen in 2021!

3.2.2 Crypto Covens

My line-up of beautiful witches

This collection attracted many newcomers and the theme is very accessible and inclusive. The community vibes are similar to the chain runners’ and the theme could make a great narrative for Netflix or Disney.

Also, I am building Data Science tools for Ethereum blockchain data; and these will be great for the website design because they are seers and they have the ethereum diadem.

3.2.3 Corruption(s*)

Corruption(s*) 0x47a is EVERYWHERE/EVERYWHERE at insight 58, awaiting deviation

This collection is very mysterious and pure sci-fi material.

It reminds me of one of those visits to a modern art museum where nothing is understood, but hopefully many questions are triggered…

If you manage to understand it, please let me know.
Here is its non official website:

3.2.4 Ponzi Rugs

Cool rugs, can be sold on the floor or pulled

These are useful for website design and backgrounds, they are 100% in chain, and their community is funny.

3.2.5 Blank Art

I like the experiment of starting with blank canvases and evolving them into something or nothing. Very curious to see what this community will create.

3.2.6 Zen Academy and The Littles NFT

I don’t really have an opinion on those 2, but it’s just a feeling that I should keep them.

3.2.7 Webzee’s World and Habibiz

To the contrary, I have a feeling that I should drop these 2, but they’re not worth much anyways and I will keep them just for the record, so that I can test my opinions in the future with real data.

3.2.8 The 100 Pieces of Shit

In 1961, Manzoni created small cans titled Artist’s Shit, and said it was “a joke, a parody of the art market, and a critique of consumerism and the waste it generates.”

60 years later, this is the NFT remake, 100 pieces of shit swimming in the open sea.

Of course I will keep those because I created them.

At the time of writing, 30/100 were minted and they are owned by 19 people. I still hope that the collection will sell out by the end of 2022.

3.3 Good Bye My Frens!

It’s hard to say good bye to NFTs because they are so much fun, and a space where I e-met dozens of brilliant people, but it’s time to resume a healthy and productive life; so good bye my frens, happy new year, and see you in 2023!



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