My Non Fungible Journey in NFT Land (Part III)

It was like nothing I ever saw
Just complete murder and carnage
Everything seemed calm at first
But then this guy in a suit shows up talking about investment opportunities
Next thing you know these people started chanting HODL, HODL!
And their NFTs started mooning
And these guys started saying these others right clicked em
And called for a pump and dump
Which made these guys beat the hell out of anyone who said it was just FOMO
And died screaming that it was the flippening!

Luckily I came out of it OK, I got this little miniature donkey with a lit-up sombrero

- Did you see where the guy with the suit went afterwards?
- Nah, he just waltzed right away like nothin’ happened…

- Chief, you better come take a look at this: we got a small turtle with wings, could be a great investment opportunity.
- Excuse me, gentlemen.

3.1 Why I won’t spend Ether in NFTs?

3.2 Why I will HODL my current NFTs?

Chain Runner #5570 and his son, the first born of the next generation
My line-up of beautiful witches
Corruption(s*) 0x47a is EVERYWHERE/EVERYWHERE at insight 58, awaiting deviation
Cool rugs, can be sold on the floor or pulled

3.3 Good Bye My Frens!



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