Are Cryptocurrencies Cool?

2 opinions about this trillion dollar question:

  • People who hold cryptocurrencies think it’s revolutionary and great, and they are called HODLers.
  • Those who don’t have any bitcoin nor ether: they think it’s a huge scam, built like a Ponzi scheme.

The first category think the latter are just haters spreading FUD, and the second one think of the others as victims of modern tulip mania.

Of course, they are both right.

But we live in times of 140 characters extreme ideas, reign of bullshit, distrust, economic stress and appeal of quick bucks, so it’s harder to reach moderate opinions.

And for the same reasons, they are both right.

The promise of blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies is to decentralize services and bring transparency to their community of users. It’s also supposed to reduce bullshit by completely removing the need to trust a particular authority to get the job done. So much needed nowadays.

But also, a coin with a funny dog can happily jump to 100 billion dollars in circulating supply, or drop to half of that, but who cares about the technology or the goal of that dog?

In conclusion, if you’re interested in cryptocurrencies and want to decide if they’re cool, don’t stop at 140 characters, keep learning, and keep it real!



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